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Tag Line, Serving professionals who work with students with disabilities since nineteen eighty seven
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Posting to List-Serv

To post a message to the list-serv, send your email to miaheadmembers@mi-ahead.org

Submissions to the list are only allowed from email addressed included in the list. This is done to prevent spam from going out on the list.


Members of MI-AHEAD are automatically included in the listserv initially.

If you are a non-member but would like to participate in the list-serv, click here to sign-up for email updates (requires the use of CAPTCHA).  If you are not able to use CAPTCHA, please use the following form to sign up for the listserv. You will be included in our database as a prospective member.  There is a delay between the time you sign up and when you may submit to the list.


For members who want to be removed from the list-serv, please log-in to the members area, edit your profile under My Membership, and uncheck the members@ box. For non-members, please contact MI-AHEAD to be removed from the prospect list.



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