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Tag Line, Serving professionals who work with students with disabilities since nineteen eighty seven
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Sarah Rose, MI-AHEAD president, would like to welcome users to MI-AHEAD's migration to a new listserv system.  We are still working on the transition for some of our members but in the meantime, we would love for you all to begin to use this venue to share your questions, comments, and relevant information.
To send a message use mi-ahead@googlegroups.com
MI-AHEAD listserv rules:

  1. The listserv should be used to ask questions or provide information related to higher education and disability topics that are of interest to the entire list. 
  2. Responses to many listserv questions and discussion topics are of interest to the entire list.  In these cases, it is appropriate to reply to the email and it will be sent to all.
  3. Personal replies should be directed to specific individuals rather than to the entire list.  Senders: Remember to include your email address in the body of the message in case people would like to send you personal replies.  Responders: When you want to respond to someone specifically, cut and paste the sender’s e-mail address when replying rather than simply hitting the “Reply” button, which sends the response to the entire list.
  4. The MI-AHEAD Listserv may not be used for the purpose of solicitation, promotion, or sales of commercial products or services.  There may be times when specific products are suggested for a solution to a posed problem and this is appropriate in the context of a member's expressed need.
  5. The MI-AHEAD listserv may be used for posting job announcements, position descriptions, or relevant professional development opportunities.  
  6. Be sure to include a descriptive subject line. E-mails received with no subject line may likely be perceived as spam by an email filter and be deleted before reaching each recipient's inbox.
  7. This is meant to be a safe place to ask questions to solicit genuine feedback in our desire to learn more about this complex work.  We are all at different stages of learning.  Be respectful and considerate of your colleagues in your postings and responses. 
  8. Please do not use any student names or other identifiable characteristics about student situations in your questions. 
  9. The listserv is only available to members in good standing with MI-AHEAD.  This is specifically due to the remarkable resource that MI-AHEAD provides, the sensitive information discussed, recognition of the various learning stages our members are in, and the reality that institutional limitations present variability in a scenario.  Please ask the person who responds if they are willing to allow you to share their responses outside of the listserv, if you feel it is necessary.

If there are any questions about these please let Sarah Rose know at srose@grcc.edu

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